Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA)

Celebrating 50 Years - February 28, 1968 to February 28, 2018

An association of folks dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio

The Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA) origin was sometime between 1963 and 1967. The exact date is unknown. However, the date of Incorporation is a matter of public record and we do have the original documents. We have endeavored to recreate a list of all present and former members. We have a listing of well over 200 names with some of the originating members. We welcome any additions or corrections.

LVRA owns and operates VHF and UHF amateur radio repeaters throughout Southern Nevada with connectivity to Southern California.
LVRA is a 501(C)(3) non-profit Corporation in the State of Nevada and prides itself in offering public service with open repeaters as well as a closed repeater UHF system that is always available for emergency services. Our membership is a mix of highly technical people and business oriented people who come together as professionals and hobbyists to promote amateur radio in its many facets. We are active in microwave, VHF, UHF, HF, ATV, Packet, APRS, D-Star, DMR and utilize Echolink and Allstar. We host T-Hunts, technical building parties, support local races, social and charitable events and maintain a presence in Field Day, local frequency coordination and other ARRL functions.

Our net meets on Wednesday evening at 7 PM Las Vegas time, you are welcome to join us.

Note regarding Donations: LVRA's repeater systems incur significant fixed site costs and maintenance expense. If you would like to help support our system, please send donations to: LVRA, Maintenance Donations, P.O. Box 72732, Las Vegas, NV 89170. LVRA is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your tax advisor. Thank you for your support.

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