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Luke (KK7XX), AES Las Vegas Store Manger and Frank (N7ZEV), President, Las Vegas Repeater AssociationAmateur Electronic Supply (AES) of Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA) have teamed up to bring D-Star to Las Vegas hams.

What is D-Star? “D-Star” stands for Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio. It provides a ham radio capability that offers both digital voice and data communication when using specifically designed equipment. Through D-Star it is possible to have very reliable local communications and to connect certain repeater sites over microwave links and/or the Internet and to form a wide area ham radio network that reaches outside of our regular local coverage. Working through a D-Star repeater is a bit different than using an analog repeater though the basic "repeater" concept is the same. For example, your call sign is the key to a D-Star system since it's incorporated into every transmission you make. This means that you can make ‘call-sign’ specific calls to stations anywhere within the ‘network’. Further, since a D-Star voice signal occupies only 6.25 kHz, there is potential to make more efficient use of available spectrum on the otherwise crowded VHF and UHF bands by squeezing up to four D-Star repeaters into the same space as two analog repeaters. While this new technology is growing in popularity, it has not been widely-embraced by the local hams due to lack of repeater-based infrastructure.

D-Star RadiosWhat is being done? Through the generosity of the above-named two organizations, equipment and access is being provided that will make D-Star a reality in the Las Vegas valley. The team feels that combining resources will give the greatest exposure of local hams to this new technology. By making the repeaters ‘open’, all those with D-Star compatible equipment will benefit from access to this sophisticated repeater system.

This D-Star Repeater System provides full crossband capability between 2 meters, 70 centimeters, and 1.2GHz. This means that you can converse with someone on any of these bands, from any of these bands. The repeaters on Arden Peak are at 4,330 feet.

Will you need special equipment? Yes. Since this is a digital format, only those radios compatible with D-Star will be able to operate on these open repeaters.

Las Vegas Repeater Association Open D-Star Repeaters
Frequency Offset PL CTCSS Call Owner Location Coverage Status
147.975 -.600 n/a   W7AES C LVRA Las Vegas LV Valley Open System
449.575 -5 Mhz n/a   W7AES B LVRA Las Vegas LV Valley Open System
1282.39 - 12 MHz n/a   W7AES A LVRA Las Vegas LV Valley Open System
1299.39 RPS n/a   W7AES A LVRA Las Vegas LV Valley Open System

W7AES D-Star Status (as of 15 April 2016)
– It's up and running as of 7 October.
– Lee, N7LD, tracked down the internet problem and Mel, K6UV, updated the computer.
– DVAP and DV-Dongle connections are operational.
– The echo command, trust server status reporting and hourly ID are operational.
– check it out!

Five examples of having fun with D-STAR

Note regarding Donations: LVRA's D-Star and other open repeater systems have significant fixed site costs and maintenance expense. If you can help defray these expenses, please send donations to: LVRA, Maintenance Donations, P.O. Box 72732, Las Vegas, NV 89170. LVRA is a 501 (c) (3) organization, so your donation may be tax deductible. Please seek the advice of your financial or tax advisor.

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Download Mel Parrish's awesome presentation from 21 April 2012 Membership Meeting: PowerPoint or AdobeAcrobat.



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